Small Pumps for Big Jobs

Monday evening, Graafschap Firefighters worked with all the small-engine tools and pumps that are used by the department. Chain saws, rotary saws, generators, pumps, and ventilation fans were all run through their paces. Members were paired up with a senior firefighter or officer to go through servicing and operation of each tool.

One of the more complex tools are the pumps on the brush-fire apparatus. Unlike a fire truck, the smaller pumps have an independent gas engine to power the pump.

All 3 of the brush units carry their own water tank, but 2 also have the capability to draft water from a static source. This may be necessary when the fire is far off the roadway and water is needed to refill other brush units and Jeeps. The yellow portable tank in the picture above was barely filled to act as a shallow stream or pond.

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