The Graafschap Fire Department is always ready to assist in a fire or safety emergency.  But another important part of our job as fire-fighters is awareness of fire safety and fire prevention.  Extinguishing fires is a necessary part of our job – but Community Risk Reduction CRR (preventing fire injuries, deaths, and property loss) in the first place is equally important to us. We serve you — the residents of Laketown and Fillmore and the surrounding area — and we want to make this year our safest year ever.

The Graafschap Fire Department is a combination department consisting of full-time weekday staff from 6 am to 4 pm and 24/7 paid-on-call members. Our station was built in 1999 with good thought and planning towards the future. There are built-in components to the building which allow minimal alterations to transition to 24/7 staffing.

We proudly provide Fire, EMS, and Rescue services to residential, commercial, and industrial areas in Laketown and Western Fillmore Township.  We are a public agency that continues to strive for excellence in customer service.


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